Why Should I Use ClamHub

Why Should I Use ClamHub


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While there are many CRM systems for Sales Management but they are often too complicated to set up and operate. Sales folks need to focus on sales and not worry about overly complicated technologies.

Sales folks don't always require the 100's of features that most CRM systems provide. They need to be able to record client requirements and ensure they convert a Lead into a Sale

CRM systems usually have millions of lines of code and therefore take time to load. We have made ClamHub code light and super fast. We believe smart software coding is better than lots of software coding

Sales folks need to be able to collaborate with their teams and sales managers. We have designed ClamHub for collaboration

Sales Managers need to know what sales reps are up to while they are out on the field. ClamHub will show you ( real time) what leads your sales reps are working on. You can monitor daily productivity with ClamHub

ClamHub requires ZERO tech support for setup. You can set up your ClamHub account in 90 seconds.

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